Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love

Sermon Series: May 12 – July 21

This series will focus on the meals in which Jesus partook.  He came to the earth to teach, to pray, to heal, to prophesy, to die on the cross for our sins, and to EAT.  Most of Jesus’ activities on earth were in the context of shared meals. The Last Supper — Communion — we should remember was a MEAL.

May 12:
Iron Mom Chef

John 2:1-11

This Bible passage reveals the first miracle of Jesus’ ministry and, interestingly, it is a meal that Jesus has at a major wedding in Cana. One aspect of this text that we almost never look at is the role of Jesus’ mother – Mary. She plays a very important role in this text.  Mary is the one who comes to Jesus and reminds him of the needs of the room. In a sense, she isn’t respected (per say) by Jesus, “Woman, what concern is this to me?”  What mom can’t relate to this?  Every mom deals with sort of orchestrating the lives of their kids from the background, and then not always being the most respected, but being loved anyway.

May 19:
The Tax Collector – Parts Unknown

Luke 5:27-32

This message will focus on how Jesus would eat meals with people whose lives were a bit dubious by ancient or modern day standards. Tax collectors were the underlords of the first century.  They were all a dubious lot of people. By eating with them, Jesus essentially embraced their true nature. We all have parts unknown, that can be overcome through the simple act of eating meals with one another.

May 26:
The Great Pharisee Baking Show

Luke 7:36-50

Everything the Pharisees did was a show. They were showoffs in their faith, in their worship, in their meals, in their personal lives. Into this big show comes a woman who has lived in ignominy and sin. Her SACRIFICE is what we will talk about today. This message will focus on the difference between true silent sacrifices and public acts which don’t make any difference.

June 2:
Chef Jesus’ Table

Luke 9:10-17

This passage is about the first of Jesus’ huge dinner parties. He invites 5,000 or more of the most hungry, needy, broken people in the whole land of Judah. In the text, we will see how Jesus’ meals, though simple, are always delicious. Jesus connects with our needs on so many levels. And we always leave satisfied.

June 9:
Martha’s Kitchen

Luke 10:38-42

Martha is often cast as the antagonist in this text. However, that is a bad biblical interpretation. In Jewish culture in the first century, often the person or character who has an inner spark, even if it is slightly edgy, is the protagonist of the story. Mary’s devotion is what we exonerate in this text, but it is Martha’s snarky nature that we remember and can relate to today in 2019.

June 16:
Prodigal Barbecue Pitmasters

Luke 15:11-32

This passage is a naturally great text for Father’s Day weekend, because it is probably the most famous text in the Bible about a father and two sons. Also, there is so much nuance, difficulty, and intrigue in it. The focus will be on the father and not the two sons. We will talk about how hard it is, as dads, to know exactly what to do with your kids. Sometimes they are wayward, sometimes they are too judgmental.  We try to throw them parties, the other kids get upset.  It’s tough!

June 23:
Y’all Come

Luke 14:15-24

Jesus tells a story about a great dinner party, presumably among a very wealthy family.  The meal is so gourmet that it involves all the best ingredients. Yet, none of the elite family that are invited want to come. So Jesus goes out to the streets and invites all of the “poor, crippled, blind and lame” — and then the great party commences!

June 30:
Good Eats

John 6:22-27, 35

Our new Associate Pastor Nominee will preach!

July 7:
Master Chef

Luke 22:7-38

We sometimes forget that the Last Supper was, in fact, a dinner party as a part of the Jewish tradition. What is incredible is how vulnerable Jesus makes himself at this meal.  Jesus reveals his Messiah-ship, but it is a Messiah-ship of service, of vulnerability, of sacrifice. We must do the same.

July 21:
The Best Thing I Ever Ate

John 21:1-14

This experience is one of Jesus’ last with his disciples before ascending into heaven. It is a cooked fish supper with Jesus on the shore of the Lake of Galilee. Jesus has warmed the coals and prepared the place for the fish. And yet, Jesus allows the disciples to catch the morning meal, the fish. Jesus always allows us to place our lives alongside his.

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