Eat Pray Love Dinners

Eat Pray Love Dinners

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Eat Pray Love Groups

What is an Eat-Pray-Love Group?

Eat Pray Love (EPL) Groups are comprised of about 8 people, who will gather together at least once per month for a meal, to pray for one another, and to get to know one another. The intent is for groups to meet up 4 times throughout May to August.

As a group, you will decide where you want to meet – perhaps in a restaurant or in someone’s home. Each group decides how to spend time together, but the primary objective is to have a fun relaxing time. For in-home dinners, going potluck will help distribute effort and cost, alleviating too much burden on one person.

Each group will be assigned a Group Coordinator, as a primary point-person. This coordinator contacts group members to arrange the location, date, and food sign-ups for gatherings. However, confirming these details can be done as a group at the end of a gathering, in anticipation of the next time together.

How are Eat-Pray-Love Groups formed?

Groups of about 8 people will be created, based on the number of registrants received and on individual preferences conveyed on the registration forms. Why 8 people? That group size makes for rich conversation, while providing opportunities for all to engage.

After spending these months together, groups will have the prerogative to morph into an ongoing small group, continue as a dinner group, or whatever you all decide.


Click/Tap the image below to begin the sign-up process for Eat Pray Love dinner groups. During the registration process, you will be able to convey group preferences.

Email Pastor Beth Frykberg or Joanne Stodgel