Congregational Concerns

Congregational Concerns

BurlPres has formed the Congregational Concerns Team (CCT) with Session approval in December 2018. The purpose of CCT is to provide greater conversational accessibility between our Session Elders and our congregation.

Mode of Operation

CCT welcomes and processes all concerns that are posed by the congregation. Each concern that is heard will be brought before a pastor and a Session member:

  • Associate Pastor, Pastor Elizabeth Frykberg
  • One current member of Session, who will be rotated monthly

Once the CCT has met with the congregant(s) to discuss the concern, the two Session members will bring it before all Session for them to consider.


  • Create a direct pathway for comments and concerns
  • Lift up Session as our governing body to address concerns
  • Unburden pastoral staff from business or controversial issues that are better managed by Session

How to Communicate a Concern

You can convey a concern to BurlPres CCT directly via email at