Family Matters

Family Matters

Family Matters

February 17 – March 3

People need help with their families and their family lives now more than ever.  This series will be a short, but practical series about the ways that modern families can:

  • raise kids
  • exist as single people “flying solo”
  • cultivate and maintain a healthy marriage

Sunday, February 17

Message: Who Is Generation Z? And Why It Matters
This message will focus on how different the youth – Gen Z – are today than previous generations.  We will address what are unique needs and avenues for connecting with them, and connecting them to Christ. Additionally, we’ll take a look at how churches like BurlPres can be more effective in reaching youth today.

Scripture: Psalm 145:3-4, NIV

Guest Speaker: Tara Rumler
Tara is what one might call an expert in Student/Youth Ministries in America.  She recently wrote her Master’s Thesis on the topic of, “Generation Z, and How To Connect Youth of Today to God, and the Role of Technology”.  Tara is currently coaching in the field of Student Ministries, and recently served at Willow Creek Community Church as a Student Leader.

Sunday, February 24

Message: Family Secrets – The Healing Power of Truth
Most families keep family secrets a secret! They’re not talked about at family reunions or recorded in the family Bible. That is unless you’re Jesus. The bad apples of his family tree are there in the first chapter of the New Testament for all to see. Rahab the harlot, Abraham the liar, David the seducer, and Tamar the trickster are all mentioned. And the Bible tells their sorted stories. Why? Why didn’t Jesus erase their names from the list?Why does the Bible air the family’s dirty laundry? Why don’t we? Together we will explore the power of family secrets.

Scripture: Matthew 1, NRSV

Sunday, March 3

Message: Marriage – How To Build a More Perfect Union
One of the greatest detriments to happy marriages is the idealized notion of what the “perfect marriage” looks like. The truth, of course, is that no marriage is perfect, and that the longer couples are together, the more, sort of, funnily quirky, couples become in their relationship to one another. Genesis 18 is one of the most entertaining texts about a marriage in the whole Bible. This passage is about Abraham (age 100) and Sarah (age 90), revealing the role of God in a marriage, which is an essential ingredient in health and happiness.

Scripture: Genesis 18:1-15, NIV