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Outreach Opportunities


The Mission Team is collecting gently used rain gear — e.g., umbrellas, raincoats — for Life Moves. Please deposit your donated items in decorated cardboard boxes located at the church. On Sundays, these collection boxes will be in Fellowship Hall.

About Life Moves:
Life Moves provides interim housing and supportive services for homeless families in San Mateo County.

Inquiries: Email Marcia Applegate


Sign-Ups Are Available!
Help provide direct assistance to those transitioning from homelessness. Sign-Ups are open for those wanting to:

  • prepare meals and be an evening host
  • set-up the tent environment
  • disassemble the tent environment

We need lots of support for this important local ministry — many shifts are available. This highly worthwhile effort takes place at the church.
Click here
to learn more and/or sign-up.

This on-campus work day is ideal for all ages and full family participation. Sign-up in Fellowship Hall in between services.

At the church, volunteers will:

  • build soup kits
  • fill Christmas stockings
  • bake cookies for a Sunday BBQ at CALL
  • help youth organize the Thanksgiving food boxes, as needed
Questions: Email inquiries here.