Giving Back in 2019

Giving Back in 2019

Please click on our annual letter to read about our hopeful steps in 2019.

General Pledge Information

For many years, our church has launched an annual pledge effort. In it, we request the engagement of anyone who calls BurlPres their church home. Some of the verbiage used in this effort may not be familiar to you. Below is an explanation of the pledge process, along with online pathways to engage with us, as we “give back in 2019”.

Why Pledge?
The church plans its annual budget, which includes staffing, programs, and outreach for the year, based on pledge commitments. Your pledge helps the church reach its full potential each year.

What is a Pledge?
A pledge is a commitment to make an offering to the church. In this context, it is an amount that you agree to contribute to the church during 2019. You will see on the pledge form that there are a variety of ways that a pledge can be made to the church.

What is a Pledge Payment?
A pledge payment is an amount gifted to the church that is applied to the donor’s pledge amount. For example, if someone pledged $120 during our pledge season in November/December 2018, then wrote a check for $10 in 2019, as a 2019 pledge payment, the remaining pledge balance would be $110.

Pledge Method

How to Make a Pledge
Previously available at church were Pledge Cards that were filled out and left at the church in Sunday worship services or delivered to the church administrative office. During pledge season (end of calendar year) an online Pledge Form is alternatively available.

Pledge Payment Methods

2019 Pledge Payments can be done via:

Sunday Offering Tray:
During each Sunday worship service, an offering tray is passed. At this time, you can place your pledge payment in the tray. Pledge payment envelopes are available, upon request — see the pledge card for this designation.

Electronic Funds Transfer:
You can setup automatic transfer of funds from your checking account or via a credit card, as well as indicate giving frequency. To obtain the setup form, please contact Barb Lowe through email or 650.342.0875 x231.

Postal Mail:
Pledge payments can be mailed to the church at:
1500 Easton Drive, Burlingame CA 94010
ATTN: Pledge Payment Processing

Drop-Off at Church Office:
Pledge payments can be dropped off in person to the church administrative office.

Beginning in January 2019, your 2019 pledge payments can be made online through Planning Center Giving. Be sure to designate your 2019 pledge payment with the “2019 Pledge Payment” category.

We now have the ability to receive 2019 pledge payments and general tithing through Planning Center’s Text-to-Give vehicle. Watch the quick 1:10 video and learn more on the Text-to-Give web page. Setting up text-to-give from your mobile device takes only a couple minutes!