Liking Jesus

Liking Jesus

Liking Jesus

January 13 – February 10

This sermon series will feature people in our community and in our church who work in the Bay Area’s tech industry and who are living out there faith.  We will hear individual testimonies from people who are quite literally leading a new Reformation (Enlightenment) period in the word. 

One focus will be on ways to make the most of living in a tech world, as Christians. Specifically, we will address how tech can help us in our faith and how it can also hurt us, if we aren’t careful.

Sunday, January 13

Message: God Is Bigger Than You Think
Scripture: Psalm 8

The theme of this message will be to begin to contemplate the vastness of the universe that God has created through the “lens” of modern technology.  No other humans who have lived before us have a better understanding of the inner workings and the expanse of the universe that we do.  Here’s how technology has helped us to understand the vastness of the universe.

Feature Interview: Leslie Wickman
Leslie Wickman is in the astronaut program at NASA and worked on the Hubble. She has a long list of accomplishments, including doing a TED Talk and authoring a book called God of the Big Bang. Leslie is the Executive Director of The American Scientific Affiliation, a network of Christians in the Sciences. Visit ASA for a variety of resources!

Sunday, January 20

Message: Virtual Communication
Scripture: James 3:1-12

This message will focus on the new communications platforms we have at each of our disposal.  We have the ability to connect with people through text and email in lightning speed around the world.  And yet, is this really communication?  In this message we will consider how to be better communicators of God’s love to one another.

Feature Interview: Brett Staudt Willet
Bret Staudt Willet is a PhD student in the Educational Psychology & Educational Technology program in the College of Education at Michigan State University. His research focuses on educators’ networked learning through social media, especially for teacher education and professional development. This work utilizes a variety of methods—both human and computational—including qualitative content analysis, social network analysis, and machine learning. He also enjoys teaching each of the Master’s degree courses in MSU’s Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning, as well as a course to help undergraduate pre-service teachers think critically about using technology in their future classrooms. A few years back he served a large collegiate ministry as the founding national director for “ministry in digital spaces.” He considers his strongest credential to be an ongoing friendship with his first online friend, who he met in an AOL chatroom in the early 1990s. He’d love to connect with you through his website.

Sunday, January 27

Message: The Internet and the Internot
Scripture: Romans 12:1-2

The message Scripture talks about making our minds and hearts holy and pleasing to God. There are things on the Internet that are not helpful for the human soul. On the other hand, it also talks about being transformed by the renewing of our minds.  The Internet can be a helpful tool in the renewal of our minds.

Feature Interview: Holly Liu, Video and Software Engineer. Founder of Kabam.

Sunday, February 3

Message: Loving Silicon Valley
Scripture: Ephesians 2:6-10

This message will address how we, as a church, can better show the love of Christ for people in the tech industry, and how can we minister to them.  One of the facets of working in the tech industry is this notion that people here work so hard.  And the basic notion is that we are what we do.  But God tells us that we are what God has given to us.  It not our work that saves us, but it is our gifts from God that save us.  And Paul tells us that we are, “God’s technological creation”, “God’s handiwork”.  Our church needs to help create a place of safety – safe from overwork and over-pressure!

Feature Interview: Eric Quan, Telos Ventures.
Eric brings a broad background to his current role at Telos Ventures from consulting, startup, real estate, nonprofit, and ministry. After starting his career at a large consulting firm, Eric has increasingly pursued opportunities to serve people through closer relationships and to make an impact on the world, most recently serving in a full-time church ministry position. Eric lives in San Mateo with his wife, Jennifer, and their four daughters: Jordan (11), Chloe (10), Riley (8) and Emma (3). Eric and Jennifer engage with and support missions and nonprofits that also primarily invest in the lives of individuals, not the masses. Eric’s education is in Economics, Sociology, and Business.

Sunday, February 10

Message: The Limits of Technology
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13

Ultimately, the new modern world offers people more pieces of wisdom and knowledge at our fingertips. What used to take hours of research in a library can now be found in milliseconds on the Internet.  Yet, without love, without a sense of God, these things are just clanging symbols in our lives.

Feature Interview: Jen Dawson. Jennifer Dawson earned a PhD in mechanical engineering, performing research on high precision sensors for space-based physics experiments.  After two years as a professor, she worked at the leading manufacturer of communication satellites as a Systems Engineer, Program Manager, and Technical Director.  She now serves as Head of Safety at a Silicon Valley start-up, developing self-driving robots, which will help to eliminate the need to run errands – like grocery shopping.  One of Jennifer’s passions is using her engineering skills on international missions trips, including 10 trips to Mexico to build houses and a trip to Ghana to install a water treatment system.  When not engineering robots, Jennifer is a wife to her amazingly supportive husband, Scott, and mom to two energetic kids, Nathaniel (7) and Madeleine (5).