We gain strength in our faith through loving Christ, then we apply that strength to the broken, the physically and emotionally needy, and to the faint of heart.



Here are a few highlights from our mission work…

Faith in Action Service Day

The next Faith in Action Day is scheduled for November 19th, 2017.

Our inaugural Faith in Action Day was initiated at FPCB in October 2010. Our mission was for all of the participants to express their love for God and neighbor (the Greatest Commandment) by participating in a hands-on mission project together each year in the community.

Once a year our church comes together to work in the community in lieu of a regular Sunday worship service.  We meet for breakfast and a prayer before heading out together.  We need not leave the country or even the county to be God’s missionary people. Instead, God calls us to mission where we live and carry out our daily work.

Faith in Action offers the opportunity to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Jesus Christ. For questions or more info, contact Dana Gifford at danawgifford@gmail.com.

AMOR Mexico Mission Trip

AmorThis intergenerational house-building trip honors our 30-year partnership with Amor Ministries. The trip usually takes place in July and is open to individuals entering 9th grade and up. It involves three key components: building houses in Tijuana and Mexico, building relationships with one another, and growing in the Christian faith.

Health for Honduras

This medical mission trip supports New Hope Clinic, located in San Francisco de Orica, Honduras. The clinic was created to answer the acute medical and dental needs of the subsistence farming communities in this rural municipality. It is run by Dr. Cesar Davila, a local Honduran doctor.

Since 2008, BurlPres has raised money to construct and support the clinic, and has sent teams of medical professionals and support personnel to assist Dr. Davila in his work. Medical and non-medical volunteers are welcome to join the team.

Click here to find out more: www.healthforhonduras.com.

Home & Hope Ministries

Home & HopeFPCB partners with Home & Hope to provide shelter for displaced families in our community for two weeks twice/year.

Here are the many ways to get involved:

Prepare and serve dinner. To volunteer, please contact Katie McCormack at Katiemc@igc.org or (650) 703-5876.

Serve as an Evening Host. To volunteer, please contact Roger Estassi at estassir@gmail.com or (650) 302-2767.

Serve as an Overnight Host. Volunteers, please contact Lori Wynn at loiswynn@msn.com or (650) 343-2190.

This two-week ministry requires many hands and hearts, and we thank you in advance for helping us as we seek to be the most loving church in town. Sharon Bartels bartels@smccd.edu (650) 464-5125 coordinates the entire program at our church and would be happy to answer questions and direct you to one of the above volunteer opportunities.

We ask that you prayerfully consider how you can make a difference for this important at home ministry need. Thank you!

Orphan Compassion Auxiliary

Constance Tamon is a member of First Pres. Burlingame and after a trip home in April of 2006, she shared with our church the terrible plight of her people who are perishing from the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa. This mission provides school tuition, texts, backpacks, uniforms, nutritional/medical needs, post-high school scholarship funding, and foster care to orphans of Cameroon. Visit Orphan Compassion online at www.orphancompassion.net.

CALL Primrose Center

The CALL Primrose Center is a joint venture of the First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame and the United Methodist Church of Burlingame. Started in 1983 as a telephone information and referral service, CALL became a drop-in location by 1984. Since then, thousands of people in need have come for assistance. All requests are screened to determine the legitimacy of the need. Funds are received from private foundations, businesses and service organizations, plus various city grants, etc. Additional support comes from individuals and faith-based congregations in our community. To find out how you can help, please call (650) 342-2255.

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