Part of a Team

Baseball FieldBaseball fans were rocked last week when super star Alex Rodriguez was given a 211 game suspension.

What lessons are there for us? Of course, that “cheating does not pay.” But also that what we do is never simply an individual decision. We are all part of a team – a family, church, community, company, nation.

It is a sin of our time to believe that “what I do is my own business.” Just ask the family of a person killed by a drunk driver, or the loved ones of those who make bad “lifestyle choices” only to discover that sooner or later others are brought sadness, difficulty, and hardship. We are all connected to each other, as Jesus said, “I Pray that they may all be one, Father, as you and I are one.”

May our “individual” choices become more selfless this season! 

~Pastor Paul Watermulder

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