Investing in Your Church: 2014

BurlPresThe heart and soul of our church is commitment—first (of course) is Christ’s commitment to us, next is our commitment to Him, and then our commitment to each other and the world around us. 

Financial commitment is a strong part of this now as in Bible times. Our church’s growing and impactful ministries need pledge commitment from all of us and so far we have received substantial total pledging for 2014 of $1,425,000. We are making this last and final plea before we cut ministry program and personnel—please pledge or increase your pledge if you can. Now is the time!

It is said that the Roman army was halted in its march to battle by a pebble in the shoe of one soldier. Let our church not be halted in our march to God’s glory on earth by the shortfall of $75,000 of pledge income for 2014!