Coming Up: Our Next Outreach to China

Streets of QianmenA few years ago, 10 members of our congregation traveled to China as guests of the China Christian Council and came to appreciate more fully the brother and sisterhood of truly global church family. This year we have an opportunity to join the Presbyterian Outreach Foundation in a return to China, and I welcome you to join me in new discovery of the universal love of Christ.

We begin in Hong Kong where I will preach at Union Church on Sunday, October 26. Next comes a visit to the National Seminary, the Amity Press, and St. Paul’s Church in Nanjing, and then an in-depth exchange with the Jing Si Lou Church in Jinan (Shandong Province). We will next fly to Taipei where we will visit the National Museum and on Sunday, November 2, worship with Taiwanese members of our congregation.

For more information contact me, John or Mary Rutgers, Dick or Ann Darling, or Kurt Papenhause for their reflections on our last visit.

Xi Xi Ni (Thank You)!

~Pastor Paul Watermulder

Photo by Yinan Chen //