One Great Hour of Sharing

One Great Hour of Sharing

During the Lenten Season, BurlPres will again be participating in the longstanding One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) mission offering. Our resources are leveraged with congregations worldwide to deliver substantial impact to those in need on a scale we individually cannot deliver. All contributions are distributed across the following 3 areas:

Hunger Program

Action toward alleviating hunger and systemic causes of poverty

Disaster Assistance

Working alongside communities recovering from natural or human-caused disasters

Self-Development of People

Invest in communities responding to experiences of racism, oppression, poverty, and injustice

Empowering Change for Good

Feeding the hungry, helping people build up their own livelihoods, responding to disasters — these are all ways that One Great Hour of Sharing is changing lives, changing communities, and changing the world. This collective offering, on behalf of our church, is an expression of our commitment to Christ and to his kingdom, as we share the richness of our blessings with those in need. Watch the video below to see and hear about how our dollars are put to work.

How to Participate

Stop by the church office to pickup a OGHS offering envelope. Fish-shaped coin boxes are available for children who want to participate too. These OGHS gifts will be dedicated on Palm Sunday, April 14, at our worship services. Please bring your envelopes and fish boxes to worship with you on that Sunday. Additionally, you can mail your offering to the church or drop it off in the church office at any time. We invite you to join with Christians all over the world this Lenten season to support the missions of our church by giving generously to One Great Hour of Sharing.