Learn and Grow, Pray and Build

WelcomeToday our work in the Fellowship Hall is basically completed—the remaining work is piecemeal and will continue around us (rather than us around them). The Chapel will have TVs installed by the end of the summer, when the kitchen will be open for regular use.

Note the wonderful upgrades to make our central ministry areas very pleasant places to learn, grow, pray, and become part of “the most loving place in town.”

God bless you.

Renovation Underway!

RenovationConstruction has begun on the kitchen and in Fellowship Hall!

Please help facilitate this big project by using alternate entrances to the building to get to our other rooms instead of walking through Fellowship Hall. This is not only a safety issue, but also allows our workers to operate uninterrupted.

Thank you for your cooperation during our renovation!

Capital Campaign Renovation Project Update

RenovationSession has reviewed and approved the completion of Phase 1 of the renovations project. We are happy to report this phase was completed under budget.

Phase 2 has been approved and will include updates to the Chapel, Fellowship Hall, and the kitchen during the month of June.

Thank you for your continued support!