On a Pastoral Note: The Giver of Every Good & Perfect Gift


Thanksgiving is our only holiday not set by an historical event but by a character trait.

Pilgrims were grateful for survival, a good harvest, for hope and a new, unoppressive land. They were wise enough to give thanks not just to each other or to an earthly power, but to God. 

Our prayers wisely claim that God is “the giver of every good and perfect gift.” So we are humble and grateful for our lives and relationships, our homes and nation, and supremely for our good God who shows us the path of “the good life” in the life and character of Jesus.

This Thanksgiving holiday may we each give thanks with a grateful heart.

~ Pastor Paul Watermulder

On a Pastoral Note: Give Thanks

Autumn Field

I write today from my parents’ home in Pennsylvania where the brisk autumn winds have arrived, the trees are a riot of color, and the surrounding fields are laden with the results of two months of harvesting vegetables.

What a wonderful month to focus happily on the Christian trait of gratitude. The Apostle writes, “give thanks with a grateful heart.” That is a phrase worthy of a month of reflection, all the way to Thanksgiving.

Can you join me in lifting up to God one thing each day for which you are thankful? May God’s blessing of his presence be with you.

~Pastor Paul Watermulder

Guidance and Gratitude

Man in PrayerPrayer increasingly is a joyful reality these days—do you find that to be true for you also? 

I find such a welcome companionship with the Lord, such a wondrous seeking of guidance and offering of gratitude that everything gets included—from Boston bombings to local poverty, to the gift of health, to our ordaining new church officers.

Can you also pray for each of our newly minted church officers by name, asking God’s loving touch upon them and their spirits? Amen!

~Pastor Paul Watermulder