On a Pastoral Note: The New Era

Holy WeekAll history pivots on Easter Day!

This is the end of the “old world” of striving, of entitlement, of being “in” or “out.” Today begins the new era for each of us (and at the first Easter, for all the world) of finding our hope in belonging to Jesus Christ, finding our joy in our relationship with Him, finding our meaning in following Him. 

Even death is conquered today—nothing can stop His love from saving us from our broken selves and broken world and bringing us to glory now and forever. Alleluia!

~Pastor Paul Watermulder

Photo by Travis Silva // CreationSwap.com

Movie in Town…

The new film Son of God was recently released into local theaters. This helpful two-hour movie is an accurate portrayal of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

Pastor Paul viewed the movie and commends it to our church, including children down to third grade. Paul writes, “This movie will help us all get Jesus into better focus. I am glad I saw it and hope all of our people and groups can watch it this week or next.”

Telling the Story

GodspellOur production of GODSPELL surely took our church to a new level of effectively telling the story of Jesus and His love. 

Our gratitude goes out to the cast and crew, to directors Cort Bender and Alex Bootzin, and to all who had hands (big or small) in making these highlights of the year of our ministry. Each one involved was really a missionary to the rest of us and to our town sharing the good news that in Christ, life even transcends death. Amen!                              
~Pastor Paul Watermulder

Kudos & Thanks to the Godspell Cast, Band & Crew

GodspellThis past weekend we have seen members of our church perform wonderful work as actors, singers, players, and technical crew. We are blessed by their work.

There is not enough space and there aren’t enough words to say proper thanks to each and every one. Suffice it to say that the Holy Spirit was at work with us as the stories of Jesus and other biblical narratives came to life in drama, song, and dance. Our new lighting and sound system is a blessing to our work in this space.

Thank you to the congregation, volunteers, church staff, families, and friends for supporting our work!

~Alex Bootzin & Cort Bender