Did You Know…?

…That we Presbyterians are dead serious about reaching the world with the love of Jesus.

Pledge MeterNot only do we invite visitors and seekers to literally everything our church does, and not only do we conduct increasing ministries outside our church walls, but we also partner with Christians on mission sites around the country and the world—more than 20% of our ministry and mission money takes God’s love through us to college campuses, poor villages, sick and impoverished Third World countries, new church developments, and so much more.

None of these very good acts happens by accident, only by prayer and planning and pledging. Be a part of God’s worldwide movement of love, hope, and faith by turning in a card today for 2014 ministry support. God bless you!

Global Missions! Sunday, September 1, at 11:15 a.m.

BurlPres MissionsJoin pastors and BurlPres members after worship for a brief reception in the Fireside Room to hear and learn about the most dynamic Presbyterian missions our denomination is leading in China and beyond. 

Dr. Jeff Ritchie, veteran missionary to Korea, will show how Presbyterians from churches like ours are making an incredible difference for Christ in missions around the world. This fleeting moment of insight and goodwill is open only to the first 75 people to attend—you’ll be glad you (and your children) make it a date!