Promotion Sunday: June 9

Child GraduationIt’s an exciting day next Sunday as our children and youth will be blessed and promoted to their next school grade! Incoming 1st – 12th graders will be in the first part of the 10:00 a.m. worship service, then all will be dismissed to CMC 204 for a pancake breakfast and fun games and fellowship. 

Children in Preschool – Kindergarten, please go to CMC104 as usual. Incoming 1st – 12th graders will be dismissed/picked up from CMC 204. Our Sunday school leaders and youth leaders look forward to this important day as we welcome our incoming Preschool children, our rising 1st graders to Kids For Christ, our rising 6th graders to JAM, our rising 9th graders to ROCK, and as we wish our 12th graders all the best as they graduate from high school!

For questions, please contact Tracey Syme at or Ray Medina at

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