On a Pastoral Note: Lost in Wonder, Love & Praise

Wonder, Love & Praise Post

This week we begin a new sermon series highlighting the incredible gift of holy worship that God has handed down from Bible times.

Worship is “giving God worth” or praise, and is a key avenue for our hearts to be humbled and opened to God loving us through Scripture and sermon, prayer and song, silence and drama, and liturgy and music.
I like Richard Davidson’s definition of worship as “realizing in high degree who we are and who God is”!

May we all grow in these coming seven Sunday mornings!

~ Pastor Paul Watermulder

On a Pastoral Note: Prayerbook of the Bible

Psalm 84

The Psalms are the “Prayerbook of the Bible” which not only speak to us (as does all of Scripture), but which speak for us, capturing our feelings too deep for words.

I am especially drawn to the Psalms when my soul needs comfort, strength, guidance from God, and when I need to remember God is the center of life – not me, you, or us!

Read away!

~Pastor Paul Watermulder

Photo by Carol Kirshner // CreationSwap.com

On a Pastoral Note: God’s Word & Today’s World

San FranciscoEcclesia reformata semper reformanda!

That rallying cry of Christians in 16th-century churches was to always be “reformed” from the corruption of the mother church of their day and always reforming to a faith and life that was closer to following God’s Word.

In our new cultural contexts, this is still our challenge—to find the “life” of God in the scriptural witness and apply it to the world of 2014.

How are we doing?

~Pastor Paul Watermulder

Photo by Bogdan Migulski // Flickr.com