On a Pastoral Note: Seasons of Life


Seasons of life (and spiritual values at each) were our subject for the past three Sundays. 

Each season found two words of God’s wisdom from church liturgies. To help you remember and explore them: Childhood = nurture and admonition. Adult years = loving and faithful [commitments]. Aging = live and believe [in Christ].

May these words bring guidance for your life and those you love.

~Pastor Paul Watermulder

On a Pastoral Note: Season of Growing

RevitaliseGrowth is the keynote of our season—just as we look for growth of spring flowers, of our economy, or of our children and grandchildren, so God seeks for us each to grow spiritually. 

Wherever you are in your journey is a perfect starting place for spiritual growth! May you and I pray to draw nearer to the Lord, Jesus Christ. 

A simple prayer for you to dwell upon: “I will to will God’s will.”

~Pastor Paul Watermulder

Gearing Up for a Great Year

MountainsLast week your Senior Staff at church took a three-day retreat. 

We shared one major way each of us is different from a year ago; we studied the book Missional Mapmaking to help us pay better attention to the spiritual growth of our community; we each led a devotional Bible study; we focused on the coming year of church life. And we had fun! 

What a wonderful church staff we have on site working together to lead us all into lives that are closer to Jesus Christ.

Please pray for them—already they pray for you!

~Pastor Paul Watermulder