Text to Give

Text to Give

What is Text-to-Give?

Text-to-Give is a way of making donations to BurlPres through the text app on your mobile device – whenever you want, wherever you want. Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to setup.

Setup & Management

Step #1 – Send your first text donation

Text-to-Give Code: 84321

From your text app, open a new message and type in 84321 as the “To” recipient.

On the text message line, type in the dollar amount you want to donate and send the message. Donation amount example: $5

You will immediately receive a setup prompt with setup link. Tap the link. Below is an example of how it will appear.

When you receive a response, on your mobile device, tap the setup link you are given.

Step #2 – Pick your church

Based on your geographic location and your phone number, you will be prompted with a list of churches. Select BurlPres from the list.

Tap on BurlPres on your mobile device.

Step #3 – Account Setup

You will be prompted to provide payment method and email address. Once that is entered, you will receive an email and text acknowledgment of your donation.

Whenever you donate via text-to-give, you will receive an email acknowledgement. In that email, you will see a link to directly and securely access your text-to-give account. Click that link if you wish to update your account; e.g., payment method .


After Setup – Ongoing

Once you are all set up, all donations thereafter will be a single text to 84321!

Targeted Fund

What if you want to donate to a fund other than the default? Simply specify the fund code with your donation amount, at the time of texting. If no fund code is entered after your dollar amount, the donation will default to General Gifts. Text-to-Give example:

Current Fund Codes

General Gifts
Fund Code: general

2020 Pledge Payment
Fund Code: 2020pledgepay

Amor Mexico Mission Trip
Fund Code: amor

One Great Hour of Sharing
Fund Code: oghs


What if you make an amount error when doing a text-to-give donation? Within 30 minutes of that donation, text REFUND to 84321 in order to reverse the donation completely.


If you need assistance with text-to-give after you are set up, simply text HELP to 84321. You will immediately receive a link to tap for help.