Dinner at 5:45 PM

The evening begins with dinner! Requested contribution: $10 per adult, $5 per child, or $25 per family of four. You can pay online for dinners by clicking the button below OR pay in person on Wednesday night. Dinner is served in Fellowship Hall. After dinner, group locations are announced.

Online Dinner Payment

Discussion Groups start at 6:30 PM

The Big Picture
We don’t have to look far to realize that our world is wrestling with some big issues. Pollution, homelessness and hunger are just a few of the monthly topics up for discussion. This inter-generational class is open to everyone who wants to learn more about some of the bigger world problems and what God has to say to us about these topics. Kids, 1st grade and up, and adults will have the chance to put their heads and hearts together and learn how we are able to share God’s love through our BurlPres mission’s efforts. Led by Kerry Persichitte and Beth Frykberg.
AGE GROUP: 1st Grade through Adult


Mindfulness of God
Do you desire to know God personally? Pastor Linda Galligan will lead a small group through Ruth Haley Barton’s book Sacred Rhythms.  The purpose of the study is to grow closer to God through learning and practicing spiritual exercises. We will support one another in the group, while seeking to pay attention to how God is working in our everyday lives. If you are interested in being part of this small group experience, please contact Linda at lgalligan@burlpres.org or at 650-342-0875. Space is limited.


Till We Have Faces
In Till We Have Faces, C. S. Lewis—the great British writer, scholar, lay theologian, broadcaster, Christian apologist, and bestselling author of Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce, and The Chronicles of Narnia, brilliantly re-imagines the story of Cupid and Psyche. Told from the viewpoint of Psyche’s sister, Orual, this book examines the topics of envy, betrayal, loss, blame, grief, guilt, and conversion. In this, his final—and most mature and masterful—novel, Lewis reminds us of our own fallibility and the role of a higher power in our lives. Jim Pettee will be leading us in a fun and engaging format.


Hang Out for Adults
Back by popular demand, those adults, who want to talk and perhaps play a game together, can linger after dinner.


BurlPres Students
Middle School and High School students will meet for some teaching and an opportunity to build community.
AGE GROUP: 6th Grade through 12th Grade


Child Care
Child care is available for children 0 years-kindergarten. Please reserve a minimum of 24-hours in advance. Contact Julia Sandoval via email for reservations. Care will be in the Rainbow Room.
AGE GROUP: Infant through 5 years of age