Year of Prayer

Year of Prayer


Pastor Graham Baird invites you to join him…

Over the course of Graham’s ministry, he has realized that a church can get everything right:

  • good preaching
  • good children and youth programs
  • good music
  • beautiful building
  • great technology
  • great website


If a church doesn’t bathe itself in prayer, nothing really works out the way it should.

Bathed in Prayer

Some of the greatest ministries in the world have started with huge amounts of prayer.  Most people don’t realize that the Reformation and the Reformers were deeply committed to prayer. The First and Second Great Awakenings were bathed in prayer.  The Azusa street revival was bathed in prayer. 

A Spiritual Problem

What our church is up against in our community is not that people want “better church” frankly most people don’t want any church. Our country is facing a time when many young people, though privately spiritual, don’t believe in God. This is a spiritual problem, not a practical problem.

Graham, with the permission and approval of BurlPres Session Elders, will ask the church to commit, in different ways, to spend the year in prayer. On January 6, Graham will announce a target goal of prayer hours to accomplish as a congregation —  whether you are physically present or remotely situated. The goal will amount to about 20 minutes per day for most people to pray and yes, you can split these minutes into smaller chunks throughout your day. 

If we want to do what I think God wants us to do here, we must begin with prayer.

Pastor Graham Baird

Join us as we embark on a year of prayer!

receive daily prayers

One way to raise your comfort level with prayer and draw more focus on it as a practice is to get into the habit of reading a daily prayer and making it your own.

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As you are able, we hope you will read each prayer to yourself and to God in a relatively quiet setting. When reading a prayer, consider it an open dialogue with God. Citations of Bible verses will normally be linked for you to click/tap, so you can read the referenced verses. Doing so will enrich the prayer context.